Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tree and Bush, High Summer

Too often, we don't notice the most obvious things around us that are changing. We "take them for granted."

Thus, my interest in chronicling the annual changes in the tree and bush right outside my house.

They aren't anything special. For about half the year, the tree is lifeless, and for about three-quarters of the year, the same may be said about the bush. In fact, visitors are prone to asking me in worried tones, "Is the bush dead?"

No, it's not dead. It's just... waiting.

Then, for a brief period during summer, both bush and tree reawaken and are in full bloom.

You may see the bush and tree the previous Autumn here.

Well, it's interesting to me!

Photos taken July 13, 2013.

Not quite at its peak yet, I think. Going to keep an eye on it.

So far, the tree has weathered the broken branch in the center. The dead branch you can see has been that way, I believe, for some time. I think it gives the tree character. ;)

I took the below pictures a couple of weeks later, not that it makes much difference.

This is proof that, on occasion, I can get orchids to flower. See!

I almost never get indoor flowering plants to flower. Putting them outside was a terrific idea

I think this bush looks a little fuller than the picture I took a couple of weeks earlier. It will be completely dead-looking by October

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